Our objective is always an agreement, but Ryanair did not want to negotiate. They have therefore closed their base in Denmark. BUT, Ryanair must know that our demand for an agreement will always be in our top draw, and it will also be fresh should they ever think of starting up a base again.

Furthermore must Ryanair know that we now continue effort in the rest of the EU. Not only among the trade unions – but also among the politicians and the population in the EU. A lot is to be done. There are problems with the ambiguous terms of employment, social dumping and rule shopping in the aviation industry.

But we want fair competition and are against the exploitation of employees in the aviation industry. And that is why we continue

We do not want Ryanair terms. Neither on the Danish, the German nor the Spanish labour market.

Therefore; Spread this video so everyone can see what is at stake.

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